The tequila elaboration begins with the planting of Tequilana Weber Blue variety agave, a raw material from which the tequila arises.

Agave reaches its maturity about 7 years after planting.


This is the process through which the harvesters or “jimadores” cut the external leaves from the agave with an instrument called a “coa,” following the same ancestral process that has been passed down through generations. Once the leaves have been cut, the heart or “piña” of the agave is left uncovered and is removed from the ground.


Once the best piñas or agave hearts are selected, they are cut and put into traditional masonry ovens. The “piñas” are steamed slowly, in small amounts, for 79 hours. Steamed agave is sweet and rich in flavor.


The cooked agave piñas are placed in mills specially made to extract the juices of the agave, including the richness of their natural sugars. 100% agave tequilas exclusively use agave sugars and cannot contain other types of sweeteners.


Natural sugars are converted into alcohol by using the yeast that grows naturally on the agave leaves. At this stage the flavor and distinctive characteristics of the tequila are defined.

Fermentation is a process which usually takes between 24 and 72 hours to carry out.


A double distillation process is involved in making tequila. The first distillation, referred to as deztrozamiento or “smashing,” produces a liquid with about a 20% alcohol level. The second distillation, referred to as “rectification”, achieves the desired alcoholic strength. It is at this point, that tequila becomes blanco, which has crystalline and transparent appearance.


Aging is done for Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo tequilas. The tequila is stored in French oak barrels so that it acquires the distinctive color and aromas of the wood, and also improves in aroma, flavor and complexity as it matures. The barrels are stored in the cava or distillery aging area, to protect them from external influences and provide a constant temperature.

Each variety of tequila requires a different time frame for aging in barrels before it is ready to be bottled.

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