Origin's Leyend

Coming down from the heavens,
God gave the natives of Jalisco
12 plants of Blue Agave
and asked that they be planted
throughout the region.

“Why should we sow and
care for these plants?”
The natives asked.

To which he responded
“To honor me and the
lands that feed you.”

They faithfully
honored his mandate
without expecting reward.

On a stormy night under the
strong sound of lightning,
God came down
from the clouds and said:

“You and your ancestors
have honored your God”.

“Your faith has not been in vain.
In your lands I have left a gift
for you and all your descendants.”

The mighty thunderbolt
freed its power on earth,
he gave life to the fire
that spread quickly.

From the heart
of the agaves
sprouted honey and
an incomparable

“Drink the fruit of it”
was heard!

Due to our extensive process of care and aging, distillation of Tierra Sagrada® is produced in


In your hands, you will find one of the best tequilas in the world.

Fruit selection of our best agaves gives rise to this story. Aging in French oak barrels provides  notes  of wood, shades  of a rich honey   color,  and  the deep  character required for this extraordinary tequila.

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